ICE Canyon LLC
Globalization 2.0 has arrived with a vengeance

This new paradigm in global investing is framed by the secular rise of the Emerging Markets as the primary force for global economic growth, juxtaposed against extreme structural and cyclical weaknesses in the advanced economies. These forces are radically reshaping the global contours of economic growth, financial stability, and the distribution of geopolitical power.

Emerging Markets will be a direct play on highly expected growth rates, strong companies, rising incomes, expanding markets, and new investment opportunities. By extension, Emerging Markets should be a major source of global investing alpha.

ICE Canyon is uniquely positioned to navigate these tectonic shifts in global investing. We have been investing on the leading edge of globalization for almost two decades. We are a leading investment management firm specializing in Emerging Markets and Global Credit.

ICE CANYON:  An experienced leader in global investing.

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