Founded in 2006, ICE Canyon is a leading global investment management firm specializing in full range Emerging Markets Credit strategies. Our firm’s investment platform encompasses Long-only Total Return, Absolute Return, Private Credit and Leveraged Credit investment strategies. ICE Canyon utilizes a rigorous bottom-up, research-driven, value-seeking investment approach that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted total returns from income and multiple sources of potential capital appreciation: e.g. tightening credit spreads, event-driven catalysts, illiquidity premiums on public and private market assets, yield and equity enhancements on special situations and long-term value from distressed and restructuring. Nathan Sandler, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, has been managing EM Credit strategies since 1994.

ICE Canyon’s expansive coverage of the EM investment universe encompasses over fifty countries with tradable debt, as well as all investable sectors of the expanding public and non-public emerging markets: sovereign debt, local currency debt, corporate bonds (IG, HY), bank loans, direct loans, special situations, mezzanine, and distressed.

ICE Canyon is based in Los Angeles with an office in London.

Our firm has been an SEC Registered Investment Advisor since 2007, and a UN PRI Signatory since 2008.

ICE Canyon is a joint venture with Canyon Capital Advisors (CCA). CCA and its affiliates manage approximately $23 billion in assets under management.

ICE CANYON: An experienced leader in global investing.