ICE Canyon’s investment philosophy focuses on creating long-term value by exploiting market inefficiencies, mispriced risks, and asymmetrical total return profiles.



ICE Canyon uses a rigorous bottom-up, research-driven, value-based investment approach that has been implemented under the most extreme market conditions. A cornerstone of our risk management is scenario analysis, which is integral to building dynamic linkages between investment fundamentals, market valuations, and asset allocation. Our disciplined investment approach is designed to preserve capital even under extreme outcomes, while creating long-term value from income and capital appreciation.


ICE Canyon’s focused investment process is differentiated by the breadth and depth of country, sector, and company coverage. Horizontally, our active investment universe consists of seventy countries with tradable debt. Vertically, within each country, our coverage universe includes the primary sectors of the market: sovereign debt, local currency debt, corporate bonds (investment grade and below investment grade), bank loans, structured credit, special situations, mezzanine, and distressed. Within these market sectors, our investment strategies seek to exploit an array of attractive credit opportunities that support growth, investment, and development in the Emerging Markets: e.g. growth financing, acquisition financing, project financing, infrastructure, restructuring and recapitalization.

Our investment strategy is designed to be comprehensive, flexible and adaptable to take advantage of shifting market conditions and evolving sector opportunities. This is critical to replicating investing success over full market cycles.


ICE Canyon has built a global infrastructure for investment, information, trading, and risk management. We source and originate new investment opportunities from a global network of international banks, private equity or major project sponsors, and other proprietary relationships. We use primary information sources to build country and company-specific analysis, and to closely evaluate macro and micro fundamentals, risk factors, and other investment catalysts. These information sources include: regular country and company visits, leading government policy makers, academics, local advisors, think tanks, business leaders, and official creditors (i.e. IMF, World Bank). Global trading relationships are key to ensuring full coverage in our 24-hour markets, and are integral to generating local information and intelligence. These relationships are also important to ensure liquidity during periods of peak market stress.

ICE Canyon is fully supported by an infrastructure for compliance, operations, administration, and client relations.


ICE CANYON: An experienced leader in global investing.