The ICE Canyon Difference

Traditional asset allocation models have been too slow and too timid in adapting to the rise of the Emerging Markets and to the evolution and development of this expanding investment universe. ICE Canyon’s investment platform is designed to provide our institutional and private clients with a wide spectrum of asset allocation solutions, within specific total return and risk parameters. Using ICE Canyon’s investment products, Emerging Markets become a natural extension of Global Fixed Income, Global Credit, Absolute Return, or even Private Equity strategies.

To offer our clients full range access to global investing, ICE Canyon offers three types of Emerging Markets Credit investment strategies.

  • EM Absolute Return – An absolute return, alpha-driven strategy seeks to generate high risk-adjusted returns from income and multiple sources of capital appreciation with significantly less correlation to US interest rate or USD outcomes.  The strategy invests primarily in EM Corporate bonds (IG, HY), bank loans, direct loans, special situations, mezzanine, distressed and restructuring, with opportunistic exposure to EM Sovereign and Local Currency debt.  Targeted sub-strategies: core income, event driven, special situations, and distressed as its primary sub-strategies.  Short positions and hedges are used tactically to protect NAV from adverse market movements.
  • EM Total Return – A liquid long-only, multi-sector strategy that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted total returns from income and capital appreciation.  The strategy invests primarily in liquid, publicly traded EM fixed income and credit asset classes:  corporate bonds (IG, HY), with opportunistic exposure to EM Sovereign and EM Local Currency.  Targeted sub-strategies: core income, event-driven, and liquid distressed.
  • Leveraged Credit – The Leveraged Credit strategy is structured as cash flow arbitrage EM CLOs and EM CDOs. The strategy invests primarily in EM Corporate loans, direct loans, ratings eligible special situations, and bonds.  The strategy seeks to maximize risk-adjusted total returns from income and capital appreciation, while minimizing expected portfolio losses attributable to credit impairment and defaults.


ICE CANYON: An experienced leader in global investing.